Transition Primrose Hill

How To Join

So many of us live very much in this digital age, an age where whilst many things are made easier, many are made more complex. How to join a local organisation online for example.

Traditionally new members would simply turn up to one of our events:

“welcome, come in, sit down, would you like some refreshments?
What would you like to know and tell us what interests you”

Its not like that over email.

Please join our newsletter and hear about Transition events in the area, there’s a simple form on this page.

How do I become part of Transition?

Simple, do something, something better:

  • Recycle or compost, reduce the packaging when you shop
  • Take public transport, walk or cycle to work
  • Use less energy, install solar, switch to a sustainable provider
  • Insulate you home, and work place
  • Grow some of your own food, even if only a window box
  • Support your local community, meet your neighbours
  • Repair things rather than buy new, from clothes to electronics
  • … these are just examples, there’s more …

If you do any of these things already, you’re already a member! In spirit if not yet in body. You have started your Transition, and that’s the Transition that matters. Welcome to our community, enjoy.

And come along to an event, we’d love to meet you.