Transition Primrose Hill

No to NO2 January 4th 2019

Ceremony for Clean Air 4th January 3pm on top of Primrose Hill

Do you feel the difference in the air when there are fewer cars around? Transition Primrose Hill has monitored NO2 levels in our neighbourhood and we know that, even on top of Primrose Hill, the air has well above the WHO recommended safe levels of nitrogen dioxide.

Extinction Rebellion  has inspired us to join in the global movement ‘7 Days of Reflection to Protect and Honour Life’. The fourth day invites us to honour the element ‘Air’, and we shall gather with banners and poems on the summit of Primrose Hill at 3pm on 4thJanuary.

Come and join us to talk about the air we breathe and demand action for it to be clean and healthy for all of us, especially children. Bring artwork, words, ideas, or just yourselves.