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Local Tips & Links

Primrose Hill Community Association – see their website for talks, classes, space to rent, information about local trades people and join to hear about what is going on locally –

Recycle Locally: Our nearest Camden Council Recycling Centre is in Regis Road. For information about what you can recycle at Regis Road visit their website: or phone: 020 7974 6914/5, bulky waste and garden waste can be. .

Reuse goods locally: White goods (cookers, fridges etc) and furniture fit for re-use can be left at Regis Road or collected from domestic premises by arrangement, phone the number above to arrange collections.

Or you can try giving them to Freecycle, there is a Kentish Town group and a Hampstead group. Visit their website for more information:

Bike locally: Six bicycles are available to borrow from Primrose Hill Community Centre and it’s free for PHCA members. Visit for more information.

LB Camden also provide training for individuals, groups and families to make you confident and safer on urban roads –

Join a local car club: two cars are based on King Henry’s Road near the bridge. will give you the details – you pay £50 pa to join and you can then rent a car by the hour or day.

Rent local cars: on you can rent out your own car, or rent a neighbour’s car, all insurance paid. Look for the Toyota Prius belonging to the vicar of St Mary’s, also in King Henry’s Road.

Walk local routes, and across London: is fantastic! Put in your departure point and destination and you get a map of the pleasantest route, with timings for slow, medium and brisk walkers. Often it takes the same time to walk as it does to wait for a bus or tube. It also tells you the calories you will burn and carbon emissions saved by not using the car/tube/bus

Reduce your home’s energy: visit to give your home a check up with the home energy check. You could save on average £250 per year on energy bills and around 1.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Buy an Owl for your home: this wireless electricity monitor tells you how much energy you are using in our home. Owls can be purchased online and from many distributors, including our very own Mercury Stores on Chalcot Road. One of our favourites, and most cost effective, is the Owl Micro

Draught bust your home: Transition Belsize-Tailor made Draught Busting Service where they install the draught proofing products for you in your own home! Either by coaching on the material and how to do it for yourself or a full installation service where the work is done for you.  The installation rate is £24 per hour, per Draught Buster.  For more information email: or or look

Ask your local shop/restaurant to stock/use sustainable fish: If you are unsure of what is sustainable download this pocket guide:


Less Local Links

Holiday Transport: for rail alternatives to flying all over the world, consult


Transition Network: