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May Food Waste Quiz Answers

How Did You Do?

1. How much could the average family save in a year by reducing food waste?
a. £500.00 b. £700.00 c. £1,000

Throwing away usable food is like tearing up £5 notes!

2. How many tonnes of usable food do households throw away every year in the UK?
a. 1.1 million tonnes b. 3.7 million tonnes c. 4.2 million tons

Nearly one fifth of this is fruit and veg. Maybe growing some of this ourselves will make us realise how much work goes in to it and value it more.

3. More food is thrown away each year than packaging?

By weight, more food that packaging is thrown away.

4.More food is thrown away from households than from supermarkets?

from retail is much less, about a 6 th of household food waste.

5. How much dried rice for one portion?
a. ¼ mug b.1/3 mug c.1/2 mug

6. How many grams of dried pasta should you cook per person?
a. 50 grams b) 100 grams c) 150 grams

7. You can freeze food up until the ‘Use By ‘ date

Though it often says freeze immediately after purchase on the packaging.

8. You can safely eat food after the ‘Best Before’ date.

Just check for mold and give it good sniff!

9.. The percentage of Camden households who recycle food waste is:
a) 9 % b) 22% c) 53%

It could be more! 85% of Camden households live in flats, could the council make it easier for you to recycle? Let them know!

10. What percentage of the average household rubbish bin contents in Camden is recyclable?
a) 18% b) 45% c) 70%

A shaming statistic!

11. It is more expensive for LB Camden to recycle waste than to send it to landfill.

Landfill is getting increasingly expensive, food waste in landfill produces methane, a very potent global warming gas.